Tips of the trade

29 06 2008

The reason .NET rules over its competetors is that it is basically a development environment for the lazy people like me. And having said about lazy people, the first thing we look for is Keyboard shortcuts (I’m so lazy i hate to use the mouse)
Here are some of the short cuts that i often use.

Shift+Del : Cuts an entire line, putting it on the clipboard, great to use with…

Shift+Ins : Pastes the contents of the clipboard to the current position of the cursor.
(Actually, i’m not sure what the hell this does)

*Ctrl+Tab : Cycles through aviable windows, similar to alt+tab in windows

*Ctrl+] (left bracket): When the cursor is on a bracket in C# (or a end x in VB) this handy shortcut will hop you to the opening or closing bracket for that block.

I’ll continue to post these and i’ll scatter them librally throughout the site in the future. I also encourage you to submit your own.

At some point, i might create a complete list and post it as a pdf which you could hang next to your desktops in your cubicle…