Wii Boxing Gloves – Must have Accessory.

29 07 2008
The Boxing game that comes with Wii Sport is the most loved game on the Nintendo Wii. If you are a fan of this game, then these new Wii Boxing Gloves provided by ezGear would be one of your favourite Wii Accessories.
Instead of you holding the Nunchuk and the Wiimote, these awesome Wii boxing Gloves have the provision to hold these in the pockets provided on the back side of the palm. This kind of setup makes it much easier to play.
The Wii Glove is designed specifically to simulate the real boxing glove. This gives you a feel of the real boxing environment, rather than holding the controls in your hand.
These awesome gadgets are available for $24.99 from ezGear. You can get cool add-ons to this Wii Boxing Glove if you are ready to shell out some more.

CLR via C# – Jeffrey Richter

23 07 2008

By far, this one is my favorites.  Just 700 pages, this book could be considered The Bible of .NET development.  OK, maybe that’s a exaguration.  But it is a damn good technical reference.  If there’s a better way to express a certain syntax in C#, chances are good it’ll be demonstrated in this book. 
The book focuses on .NET Framework 2.0 and C# compiler version 8.0 while C# is used as demonstration language. There are Five parts covering:basics of the CLR execution model, describes the type system, the fundamentals behind designing types and members, working with essential types in .NET Framework and CLR facilities such as exceptions, automatic memory management, etc.

My recommendation to you is: you must buy and read CLR via C# if you are serious about .Net and would like to know how it works. This book explains the “behind the scene” details of .NET CLR. If you wan’t to know evertything about how the CLR internal are and works this is the right book.

P.S. If you are a developer and are pretty much serious about your career, just grab one of yours.

Ten deadly sins of web design

14 07 2008
This article was published in Swedish design magazine CAP&Design.




Ten deadly sins of web design are:
1. Not following basic typographic rules
2. Being too creative with navigation
3. Creating a cluttered navigation system
4. Making sure the site requires certain technology to work
5. Thinking that accessibility is only about blind people
6. Ignoring web standards
7. Not keeping search engines in mind from the start
8. Basing the site structure on your organisation structure
9. Using grey text on grey background
10.Skipping the feasibility study

Quiz of the Day – 1

12 07 2008

You have an .NET application that delivers news content (customized)over the Internet. Users are allowed to make selections from an ASP.NET page(similar to that of the iGoogle page). Your code creates a DataSet object named News_Items, which contains the news items that meet the criteria selected by the user. You create a style sheet named News_Style.xsl that renders the data in News_Items in HTML format. You write the following code segment:
XmlDataDocument doc = new XmlDataDocument(News_Items);
XslTransform tran = new XslTransform();
You want to display the transformed data as HTML text. Which line of code should
you add to the end of the code segment?
A. News_Items.WriteXml(Response.OutputStream);
B. tran.Transform(doc, null, Response.OutputStream);
C. News_Items.WriteXml(tran.ToString());
D. tran.Transform(doc, null, Request.InputStream);

Answer: next week…