Quiz of the Day – 1

12 07 2008

You have an .NET application that delivers news content (customized)over the Internet. Users are allowed to make selections from an ASP.NET page(similar to that of the iGoogle page). Your code creates a DataSet object named News_Items, which contains the news items that meet the criteria selected by the user. You create a style sheet named News_Style.xsl that renders the data in News_Items in HTML format. You write the following code segment:
XmlDataDocument doc = new XmlDataDocument(News_Items);
XslTransform tran = new XslTransform();
You want to display the transformed data as HTML text. Which line of code should
you add to the end of the code segment?
A. News_Items.WriteXml(Response.OutputStream);
B. tran.Transform(doc, null, Response.OutputStream);
C. News_Items.WriteXml(tran.ToString());
D. tran.Transform(doc, null, Request.InputStream);

Answer: next week…





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