Ctrl-Alt-Del on the Remote Desktop

29 09 2008

I wanted to change the admin password on my web server through remote desktop,
but Ctrl-Alt-Del always goes to the local computer.

I found out you can also use Ctrl-Alt-End to achieve the same thing, which works
in remote desktop.



Java Interviewing

27 09 2008

what is major concepts in oops?
answer: polymorphism, encapsulate, inheritance
what common methods are defined in object class?
answer: hashCode(), equals(), toString(), clone(), finalize(), getClass(), wait(), notify(), notifyAll()
what is differenec between abstract class and interface?
answer: In abstract class some methods may contain definition,but in interface every method should be abstract.
what is differenec between overload and override?

what is implicit object in jsp?
how many implicit objects in jsp?
answer: Implicit objects are a set of Java objects that the JSP Container makes available to developers in each page
out,page,session,request,response,application,page context,config

what is main difference hashmap and hashtable?
answer: hashtable is synchornized.

what is immutable and how to implement it?
answer:it can’t be changed.

what is the factory, abstract factory, factory method?
draw them on the white board.
How to implement a singleton?
answer: make constructor privated, and provide a method to return single object shared in application.

How to deal with the transaction across databases?what is 2PC?
answer: two-phase commit

what should pay attention in development if we use junit?
independence of each tested classes.

which UML diagrams are often used in a project?

what is CMMI? what levels are defined in it?
initial, managed, defined, quantitativly managed, optimism.

Add Rows at runtime to Datagrid

21 09 2008


This document contains the sample code with explanation for adding rows to the datagrid at runtime using a button click event in .NET.


To add rows to the datagrid at runtime, the basic mechanism would be to add a dummy row to the dataset and then binding the same dataset to your Grid. After binding the dataset you need to control the behavior of the datagrid depending on your requirement by using it’s properties.

I will try to explain using a specific example.


We would be adding rows to the datagrid on a button click event with a requirement of having 5 rows on a one page and when you add the 6th row the control will be taken to second page.

One more thing when you add a row only last added row should be in Edit mode.

The code below shows a function that can be used to add blank rows to the first DataTable in any Dataset In this case, the first column in the Dataset that was used was a Primary Key and could not be blank, and I knew that the values from
the database would all be positive.

Code Snippet:

*****************************Code Begins***************************
‘Code below adds blank row and binds the datatable to the datagrid.
Private Sub add_rows()
querystring = “Your Query goes here”
cmdCodeMgmt.CommandText = querystring
daCodeMgmt.Fill(ds, “Table Name “)
dr = ds.Tables(0).NewRow
cnt = ds.Tables(0).Rows.Count
End Sub

*****************************Code Ends**************************** 


Xbox Arcade now £129.99

15 09 2008

Microsoft dropped the price of the Xbox 360 in United States of America last week and they have cascaded the effect of Xbox 360 price to UK, Europe and then planned in to Asia.

The new price tag at the retails for the basic entry level, Xbox 360 Arcade has come down from £159.99 to £129.99. The next level up is the all new Xbox 360 Premium is retailed for £169.99 which was previously for £199.99. This particular model comes which a hard disk capacity of 60 Gigs.

Finally for the Pros, the Xbox 360 Elite has now been reduced to retail for £229.99 which was previously for £259.99. The prices are assumed to come into effect from this weekend.

Microsoft has big time plans to cash in on the Christmas market with the dropped prices. Now that the Xbox 360 is cheaper than Nintendo Wii, this would make it an absolute Christmas present.

Problem with SQL Connection

7 09 2008

I came across this issua a couple of days back:

I use “Window Authentification” to sign on to “Microsoft SQL Server
Management Studio Express”. I create and account with “SQL Server
Authentification” and assigned a password. I also identify the database that
this ID has access to. When I then try to login with this id, I get a “Login
Failed for user ‘Kumar’. The user is not associated with a trusted SQL Server
Connection….Error: 18452”. I was wondering about why am I getting this error?

That is when I get a reply form Harish Ranganathan from Microsoft, that it was due to “Mixed Mode Authentication in SQL Server which was not enabled”.

This guy saved me a lot of time. Thanks Harish

Tap Tapa Tap

4 09 2008

So it’s friday!!! What did i do? Hmmm…. Nothing specific… i had spent quite a long time today reading other’s blogs. Actually i had typed one or two entries today out of bad mood but then deleted them without posting.

And i came across a blog that talks abt the torture the keyboards experience. At times, hmm.. i mean the times when everyone else around me seem to be busy with some work, and am the only one left out wondering what i should do now, i hear nothing else but the ‘Tap-Tapa-Tap’ of the keyboards.

Infact i should say, till sometime back, i hv been talking to a colleague some feet away in MSN and was without my knowledge getting used to the keyboard sound that comes with the reply. 🙂

So what am i trying to say? That the sound of the keyboard is the rhythm of our life? 😉 Whatever… I like this sound that the keyboard makes. I would never opt for a feather touch keyboard that makes less noise. Infact am seriously thinking about changing my Home PC’s keyboard to a much noisier one. 😀

The keys that create the most enjoyable(?!) sound are the space and Enter keys. All other keys are like soldiers to the King and Queen(Err…Enter and space). The More fiercefully you hit them, the more music u get… haa haa

Ok… so now i had made enough noise with my keyboard to make people around me believe that am busy even when i dont hv much work to do, let me stop here… Looking forward for a weekend minus the keyboard rhythms.

Black Box – Visula studio of the Future.

1 09 2008

There is a good article in CNET briefly explaining the new features of VS2010 that were expected to be similar to a black box. This might seem a good idea for the Developers/Testers but being an architect let me tell you that Microsoft has to stop thinking of defect prevention inside the box and has to have a look at it from the outside as from the defect resolution approach. By following the latter technique, the developers might not be able to do good, but the testers definitely would have greater information to share with the developers which would make the communication between the developer and the tester better. As of now, there is not much of information that is provided by Microsoft about the future product Visual Studio 2010, but this feature alone is sufficient for most of the developers and testers in order for the product to be a success.