Dot NET Quiz – 1

31 10 2008

You create an ASP.NET application for TestKing Motors. The application allows 
users to purchase automobile insurance policies online. A page named 
InsuredAuto.aspx is used to gather information about the vehicle being insured. 
InsuredAuto.aspx contains a TextBox control named vehicleIDNumber. The user 
enters the vehicle identification number (VIN) of the vehicle into 
vehicleIDNumber and then clicks a
button to submit the page. The Button control is named submitButton. Upon 
submission of the
page, additional vehicle information is obtained for the VIN, and the page is 
redisplayed for showing the vehicle information. You define vehicleIDNumber by 
using the following HTML tag:
<asp:TextBox id=vehicleIDNumber runat=server
Valid VINs are composed of numbers and uppercase letters. You need to include 
code that
converts any lowercase letters to uppercase letters so that the properly 
formatted VIN is
displayed after the page is submitted and redisplayed.
What are two possible ways to achieve this goal?

A. Add the following code to the vehicleIDNumber.TextChanged event handler for
vehicleIDNumber.Text = vehicleIDNumber.Text.ToUpper();

B. Add the following code to the submitButton.Click event handler for 
vehcicleIDNumber.Text = vehicleIDNumber.Text.ToUpper();

C. Add the following code to the Page.Init event handler for InsuredAuto.aspx:
vehicleIDNumber.Text = vehicleIDNumber.Text.ToUpper();

D. Add the following code to the Page.Render event handler for InsuredAuto.aspx:
vehicleIDNumber.Text = vehicleIDNumber.Text.ToUpper();


I.     C,D
II.    A,B
III.   D,B
IV.    A,C

Wrought Iron Haven

28 10 2008

Though every one travels to different locations and move from one place to the other in search of money, there is no place like home. Most of us like to decorate our houses according to the latest fashion based on the home fashion, interior designs books. There are a million ways to increase the internal beauty of our homes, but nothing come close to the wrought iron candle stands and the mantle hooks, flower vases, etc. Just looking at the beauty of the wrought iron candle stand, people are so amazed, that they fail to look at the long and tedious process behind the creation of these stands. The effort required is both artistic and manual labor. The art design on these wrought iron candle stands show its brilliance. This design makes wrought iron a popular choice in the market place and among the customers. 

With Christmas just a month from now, you would want to get a lot of items to decorate your homes, for which there is a famous site This site is mostly for those who do not have the time to come to the shop physically. This site has got all the designs and of all varieties. 

There are a huge collection of boot racks and christmas wreath hanger made from wrought iron, these are of various ranges of sizes and prices. These products are designed with good shapes and sizes that would match the Christmas theme.  

To get further information about the wrought iron and its products please visit the Wrought Iron Haven or their site There is also a round the clock help that you can get from the customer care @ 1800 748 8717.

RIM BlackBerry Curve 8300-Sliver

28 10 2008

The RIM BlackBerry Curve 8800 makes the viewer to fall in love at first sight. Others turn their heads towards it because of its sliver and black color scheme used to design the set. This mobile phone is similar to the palm Treo and it is a slim, sleek and weight less mobile hand set. The device makes the user to feel its smooth finish with a firm rubbery grip to hold when use. It includes light-sensing technology that automatically adjust the color of the back ground. It never causes trouble to the user to read the contents on the screen because the text and images are crystal clear and vibrant. It comes with numerous accessories like belt holster and a wired ear buds. The images are not so clear on this phone.

Get your own private number plate.

28 10 2008

After the wonderful Deepavali weekend, everyone would have wondered that what the next item to aim for. Especially, cars are the most common things that comes to the mind. Thinking about cars, generally people think about the engine, the wheels, the brand, the shade, etc. But of late, people have started to think even about the number plates having special design, curved numerals, etc. Currently, you do not have so many places to design these number plates, I found Northumbriannumbers, a website that contains a huge collection of private plates specially for cars. There are two options, first, you can choose from the available model in the website the second is submitting your own design. The best part about the website is that these guys would take care of all that needs to be done. So, what are you waiting for, visit the website and get your private number plate done.

Samsung SPH-M300-red – Review

25 10 2008

The good:

The Samsung SPH-M300 is a tri-color lovely handset. Its simplicity speaks for its beauty and user-friendly device. The special attribute is the wire less Head sets and an integrated Blue tooth. It acts as a Wire less Modem for any Laptop.

The bad:
It comes only with a VGA camera no self-portrait mirror, and video recording capabilities. It lacks in the entertainment facility mainly with no games. It is a poor speaker mobile phone set, which has a poor quality even at the highest volume. The battery life is for one day out of single charge.

SEO Tracking tools

23 10 2008

In this Internet era, it is really important to know about the search engines and optimizations for the Search Engines, at least the major search engines like the Google, Yahoo, Msn, etc. In order to have a detailed information and analysis and to keep track of the number of clicks it is important to use tools with Free Keyword Tracker like the Google keyword Tracker. These tools are used to have a watch, control and manage/optimize the site more better. The major reason why most small businesses use this is for the fact that it also provides them with the information of their target audience. The major features that you need to look for when going for a tracking tool is that, it is reliable, it provides statistics for region based and niche based reports. It is also used when you are planning to have a link building campaign, where in it gives you a report of the daily performance. So, just download them and improve your stats.

A Mail from a fellow Entrepreneurs!!!

18 10 2008

To fellow Entrepreneurs,

After 18 months of work and burning 5 lakh rupees of my hard earned money, i have decided to stop my Entrepreneurial activity for now.

this email is meant to volunteer as helping hand to my fellow Entrepreneurs, those who wish to avail of my services.

What i do for my daily bread
I am a Business Intelligence Architect at a startup. I have close to 5 years of experience in implementing BI solutions in finance, telecom, retail and education domains. At present i am working on the use of open source BI tools to serve information needs of my clients.
Till my next venture gives me sleepless nights i can help out folks here who wish to avail of my services.

If anybody wants to know more, email me.


Education is the key to all ailments..
Deepak Paramanand