Just about Anything – not just a mom’s blog.

3 10 2008

Recent statistics in BBC about blogging suggests that the number of women bloggers have increased by four folds over the last year. The blogs are generally about culinary art or about parenting. But, to my surprise I found this blog which falls in the same category but was quite different. This was more about photos, making money online, web hosting and travel; that does not mean that it does not have posts about culinary art and parenting. Reading through the blog posts you would get engrossed into the simplicity with which the author expresses his opinion. The blogger not only posts about her web hosting and money making skills but also guides her readers with the same. Her blog about “Finding the Right Web hosting Service” gives you an overview of what are the key points that you need to know before you make your choice of the Service and how would each service help you grow your business. The side bar of the blog contains all the means that the blogger uses to make money online; these are placed there for quick access for the readers. “Just about Anything” is the site I would recommend if you just want to enjoy reading and make some money online.




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3 10 2008

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12 10 2008

hello! nice post! thanks for the mention. Happy Sunday!

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