HTC Cavalier S630 is a home PC

8 10 2008

The good:

         The HTC Cavalier S630 is like having our own home PC in hand, with greater accessing speed quality. The Mouse events on the side of the mobile like scrolling, clicking and double clicking possibilities, with help of the ‘joggr’ strip. It’s again a 2 mega pixel camera. It has continuous 3 hours talk time with just a single time charge. 

The bad:

        The buttons are too tightly placed and so it makes trouble while handling. There is unnecessary usage of side buttons in this phone.

What we thought:

    The mobile Net assessors are benefited by this phone. The HTC Cavalier S630 makes are only with slight structure changes from T-mobile. It has an excellent image quality and portrait mirror at the back. It is an elegant and simple phone. It has a solid performance and is very sturdy for rough use. Slight modifications can be done to the QWERTY keyboard. You’ll find a power button, mini USB/headphone port, voice recorder activation key and a microSD expansion slot on the left spine. The HTC Cavalier Joggr strip can be placed along with the keys without exposing on the side. Sharper Image quality even without flash makes it worthy. You get a better call quality but the sound being flimsy some times. The features worth mentioning are it is got a good synchronization facility, Multimedia function being the reasonably good and has a worst speaker performance which has to be improved.




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