Site with all the information about Culinary

9 10 2008

I was on search of a good and a new career again, something that I have a passion for, something where i would like to do, something that is not so tedious as other jobs, and finally something where I would not have the same tension as I had in other jobs due to Global recession or global melt down. I personally love to cook, and I’m interested in learning the art of cooking and the its styles. I also wanted to learn it from the leaders in culinary school

During this search, I found a various sites which were either giving me information about the schools or the courses; among all those sites there was one site culinary school which had all the details, from the information about the schools to the courses available to virtually everything you would want to take up this profession. I got lot of insights about the course and the jobs I would get on completing this course when I browsed thru this site. By the information I have from this site I’m planning to take up a course and start smoking up the kitchen soon. I’m pretty excited and hopefully you too are! So what are you waiting for?




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12 10 2008

Ahhh, the internet, such a beautiful place.

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