ACM Bangalore Tech Talk October 2008 Edition

18 10 2008

ACM Bangalore Chapter invites you to the monthly tech talk.

Please forward these in your respective organisations.

Details follow. No registration is required and there is no registration fee.

Title of the talk: Knowledge Assisted Problem Resolution

Speaker : Prakash Venkatraman

Date & Time :

Saturday, 25th Oct 2008. 10.00am – 12.00noon.

Venue : Computer Society of India, Bangalore Chapter,
NO.201, IInd Floor, MBC Complex, Infantry Road,
Phone : 22860461/22862215

Title of the talk: Knowledge Assisted Problem Resolution

In the context of Information Technology Infrastructure Library
(ITIL), Incident / Problem Management is an important aspect. For any
IT support organization, “Resolution Time” is very critical. Every
company, through some method or other, is trying to reduce the
resolution time to serve its customers. In this talk, we will focus on
knowledge-based diagnostic and resolution techniques that have been
researched, developed and used for problem management in Oracle
Application and Technology platforms deployed world over with Oracle
customers. The tool is developed by the technologists at Oracle
Services Engineering team and is used by Oracle Advanced Customer
Support and On-demand operation analysts. In this talk, we will give
an overview of the knowledge assisted Problem Management solution.

“Knowledge assisted” Problem resolution:
Knowledge based problem resolution methodology depends on identifying
and clustering of known and recurring issues. Through the concept of
generalization, the technique works on the promise of “Find one – Fix
many”. The problem resolution knowledge is seeded into a repository
with facts associated with symptoms in form of rules. The rules are
then run against identified systems to come up with definitive or
possible solutions. Entire methodology is automated from the time the
incident gets reported to the time when solution is matched, retrieved
and suggested.

Signature Matching Technology (SMT):
One of the problem resolution tools is Signature Matching Technology
(SMT). This solution stores symptoms, possible rules (to be checked
against error log and configuration) and compare/analyze these as and
when incident/outage occurs. End result of this would be a problem
matching/solution where support people can immediately apply. This
reduces all the manual root cause analysis work to be done physically.
Same solution could be used for pro-active problem identification as
well by running ALL the rules against customer instances.

About the speaker:

Prakash Venkatraman is working as an architect in ITIL solutions area
in oracle. He is leading Problem Management, as initiative owner.
Prakash has over 13 years of industry experience and a vast knowledge
about J2EE concepts. Prior to joining Oracle, he was with Robert Half
International Inc, CA, USA and Covad Communications, CA, USA, played
various SDLC roles. Playing chess is his hobby.




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