Tulika part2

30 12 2008

“No you didn’t! You thought the note was for you, didn’t you?”, said Shilpa slyly.

“I… ah…”

“Come on Arjun! A girl and proposing to YOU! Ha ha!”, said Shilpa, breaking into giggles.

The momentary chirp of her laughter lightened the surrounding heaviness for that instant. But the painful truth in her statement bore its claws deep into my ego. She had dropped a stone in the silent waters of my agony and the ripples stung me.

“Yeah. Wont that be a sight?”, I said looking straight into her eyes, injecting a mix of pain and sarcasm in my words.

“Hey Arjun. I am sorry. I didn’t mean to…”

“Hey you! Come here”, I yelled cutting off Shilpa in mid-sentence.

I was looking beyond Shilpa. It was Tulika.

My history with Tulika dates back to my early 5th semester. Tulika was a 3rd semester student then. The 2nd year students were in adrenalin pumping josh, with having newly attained their first “senior” status in college. The final year students were busy with placements and were too busy to indulge in ragging. 3rd year students, such as ourselves, had already had our share of exercising authority as seniors and were the unofficial moderators during the ragging phase.


Online shopping

30 12 2008

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Tulika part1

26 12 2008

Shilpa’s words ripped through the walls of my hollow ears like the cacophony of finger-nails screeching against a chalk-board. The hollowness in my ears vibrated like the stem of a tuning fork.

“What?!?”, I squealed in shocked disbelief.

“Didn’t you see the name on the note? It was in the bottom left corner of…”, asked Shilpa, slightly tilting her head.

“No…I…”, I said as I struggled to recollect the image of the bloody note I had seen.

“Oh! I thought you saw it! And that’s why I thought you freaked out”, exclaimed Shilpa, widening her eyes.

“No… I mean… Yes… I did see it… Yeah… I did… I did”, I managed to mumble, in an attempt to save myself from obvious embarrassment.

Have a Great Day!

19 12 2008

Every body would want to have a proper style for their beautiful crown. Having a bad hair would totally let you down and you would have to accept the teasers that people would do the whole day. I love my hair as of now, but imagine if my hair starts to fall, I would have to bear the teasers all day and all the time.
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MTI fuel cartridge

11 12 2008

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Online law studies

11 12 2008

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A to-do list

11 12 2008

The best and cheapest communication mode is writing letters to our beloved ones but it may not reach them in time. But now we have a wonderful postman to deliver our letters as mail to required persons if they have an emailed. Can be done in fractions with the help of Gmail service facility, now they also came with a useful setting. The to-do list in is we can type our task that to be completed after finishing it can strike it out. We can name the list and the list contains a checkbox to get marked based on our requirements.