Tulika part1

26 12 2008

Shilpa’s words ripped through the walls of my hollow ears like the cacophony of finger-nails screeching against a chalk-board. The hollowness in my ears vibrated like the stem of a tuning fork.

“What?!?”, I squealed in shocked disbelief.

“Didn’t you see the name on the note? It was in the bottom left corner of…”, asked Shilpa, slightly tilting her head.

“No…I…”, I said as I struggled to recollect the image of the bloody note I had seen.

“Oh! I thought you saw it! And that’s why I thought you freaked out”, exclaimed Shilpa, widening her eyes.

“No… I mean… Yes… I did see it… Yeah… I did… I did”, I managed to mumble, in an attempt to save myself from obvious embarrassment.




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