5 reasons for not purchasing an iphone/pros of iphone

3 10 2008

The prominent and prestigious iphone is not purchased because of its unlimited pros and 5 main reasons.

Reasons are

1. The price of iphone is not same in all markets
2. The mobile is less cost then it price
3. The price would surely come out wit any doubt after a particular period of time.
4. It supports only Airtel connection.
5. the have more feature on their old mobile then iphone.

Pros of iphone:

1. It contains camera that support only 2-mega pixel with out flash
2. The screen looks shabby because of fingerprints and sometimes gets scratched due to sharp nails.
3. It strains the user while typing SMS
4. The batteries cannot be replaced by the user
5. The contacts cannot be transferred from phone to Simcard
6. It doesn?t support stereo Bluetooth headset and file transfer is not possible.
7. It does not have any memory slot for additional storage.
8. The audio quality is not worthy to the cost.
9. No possibility of instant messages
10. GPS easily locates but does not navigate the exact area.
11. No voice dialing facility so only messages has to been sent; they even leave it unnoticed.

The normal simple Nokia would possess decent feature then this ipod. Do u need it at high cost think thrice before purchase. Choice is open to u pick up the best leave the worst.