Problem with SQL Connection

7 09 2008

I came across this issua a couple of days back:

I use “Window Authentification” to sign on to “Microsoft SQL Server
Management Studio Express”. I create and account with “SQL Server
Authentification” and assigned a password. I also identify the database that
this ID has access to. When I then try to login with this id, I get a “Login
Failed for user ‘Kumar’. The user is not associated with a trusted SQL Server
Connection….Error: 18452”. I was wondering about why am I getting this error?

That is when I get a reply form Harish Ranganathan from Microsoft, that it was due to “Mixed Mode Authentication in SQL Server which was not enabled”.

This guy saved me a lot of time. Thanks Harish


Black Box – Visula studio of the Future.

1 09 2008

There is a good article in CNET briefly explaining the new features of VS2010 that were expected to be similar to a black box. This might seem a good idea for the Developers/Testers but being an architect let me tell you that Microsoft has to stop thinking of defect prevention inside the box and has to have a look at it from the outside as from the defect resolution approach. By following the latter technique, the developers might not be able to do good, but the testers definitely would have greater information to share with the developers which would make the communication between the developer and the tester better. As of now, there is not much of information that is provided by Microsoft about the future product Visual Studio 2010, but this feature alone is sufficient for most of the developers and testers in order for the product to be a success.