Nokia 6260

3 12 2008

The cell phones are the best communicate device used by the world population and people are in need of best handset. The popular mobile manufactures come out with more updated phones to make the mass to buy it. The recent product from Nokia is 6260 is a slider phone without QWERTY keypad and designed with navigation buttons to control the mobile applications. The special feature with the handset is the 5.0-megapixel camera with supportive sharing options on the site that we might often use. It also includes mapping facility on 2.4-inch display screen and it has a provision for microSD expansion.

Nokia E61i – reviewed

9 10 2008

The good:

The Nokia E61i has a QWERTY keyboard; with an amazing camera features that is generally expected from Nokia. It has integrated Bluetooth option and a Handy set for professional people. Push-to-talk and Macromedia flash features also available.

The bad:

The E61i does not support United States of America’s carriers. It is very costly and its features are disappointing.

What we thought:

There is no big visible change between E61i and E62, thought there has been a modification in the design. At the first glance you would notice that the E61i goes simpler with the shed of all the silver casing. The E61i phone is a stylish and a useful office tool kit.  It has a slightly impressive camera feature. This set does not support 3G services and U.S. carrier. The text and images are even visible under the sunlight. Thought it is a latest model; but a phone without touch pad is disappointing. Tiny Joystick is used to give input. It comes with all the known productive apps and wireless options, which make the model, move more among the corporate crowd. This version of the Nokia series runs in OS like Symbian OS 9.1, S60 3rd edition. The features worth mentioning are Wi-fi, Awesome Qwerty Keyboard, Perfect Browser, Loudspeaker Does Not Distort Sounds, Quad band. Navigation soft key is very small, so you feel irritated while using; but keypad has sufficient spacing with embossing keys, which makes it easier to type in.