Samsung SPH M300 does it hold good?

6 10 2008


The good:

             The Samsung SPH-M300 is a lovely trim handset. It is compact and user-friendly device. It is demanded for its beautiful outlook. The usage of this set is really effortless task. It comes with wireless back and Voice SMS.

 The bad

    Its Internet accessibility is really terrible task and it really makes the user to get angry. The strength of the signal is weak when needed; the signal is not proper even in the coverage area. The fuzzy camera feature is quite disappointing by its image quality and its pixel resolutions. Its sound level has to be increased for better performance. Only the look attracts not its features.

What we thought:

  The SPH M300 comes with screen clarity and has a simple usage. The buttons are spacious but they are slippery and difficult to handle it is very hard to press and gives strain to the user. It brings trouble in typing also only 3 texts can be typed continuously it lacks in T9 input and text messaging is also blurry. Its attributes bring stress to the user and they?re out of politeness. It comes with nice color, long-lasting feature, and a lovely look. The menus are easy-to-use type it make the task better. Its battery life is very poor it not even stands for a day use. It comes along with sprint technology. Finally, set is with perfect design but without even a single perfect feature just a stylish mobile.