Wrought Iron Haven

28 10 2008

Though every one travels to different locations and move from one place to the other in search of money, there is no place like home. Most of us like to decorate our houses according to the latest fashion based on the home fashion, interior designs books. There are a million ways to increase the internal beauty of our homes, but nothing come close to the wrought iron candle stands and the mantle hooks, flower vases, etc. Just looking at the beauty of the wrought iron candle stand, people are so amazed, that they fail to look at the long and tedious process behind the creation of these stands. The effort required is both artistic and manual labor. The art design on these wrought iron candle stands show its brilliance. This design makes wrought iron a popular choice in the market place and among the customers. 

With Christmas just a month from now, you would want to get a lot of items to decorate your homes, for which there is a famous site WroughtIronHavens.com. This site is mostly for those who do not have the time to come to the shop physically. This site has got all the designs and of all varieties. 

There are a huge collection of boot racks and christmas wreath hanger made from wrought iron, these are of various ranges of sizes and prices. These products are designed with good shapes and sizes that would match the Christmas theme.  

To get further information about the wrought iron and its products please visit the Wrought Iron Haven or their site http://wroughtironhaven.com. There is also a round the clock help that you can get from the customer care @ 1800 748 8717.



Motorola Razr2 V9 – reviewed

9 10 2008

The good:
The Motorola Razr2 v9 is covered with harden glass and smoothie steel finish. It gives a prestigious look additionally featured with lifetime battery, 3 touch keys are used when music player is activated.There are 2 diagonal color screens present.

The bad:

The Motorola Razr2 v9 doesn’t have entire touch pad facility. Camera lens is at the front some time it may disturb the usage. No MMS usage facility

What we thought:

The Motorola Razr2 V9 is an heir step. Its attributes are very attractive but the Razr2 can be better-improved picture quality with light settings. The stylish folders phone with integrated antenna makes it function perfect. Video call service has an amazing usage for business people. This version Razr2 is a tailor made version for AT&T and its users. Wonderful digitized performance with MPEG-4, H.263 Video and AMR audio. Its got an amazing battery and can hold upto 3.6 hours of talk time and a standby time up to 12 days. Based on the statistics conducted in the test we had it had an average time of 4 hours 30 mins, which is quite good. Thought, it’s different from the ancestor products of Motorola, with the hardened glass exterior which protects the front; and the steel case. It is comparably wider. It’s got an Advanced XHTML browser facilities. Connections can be done with PC and MS Outlook. The final feel that you have is “you feel the luxurious and the big sturdy in your hand”. Since it’s made of solid steel, its quite durable.

Black Box – Visula studio of the Future.

1 09 2008

There is a good article in CNET briefly explaining the new features of VS2010 that were expected to be similar to a black box. This might seem a good idea for the Developers/Testers but being an architect let me tell you that Microsoft has to stop thinking of defect prevention inside the box and has to have a look at it from the outside as from the defect resolution approach. By following the latter technique, the developers might not be able to do good, but the testers definitely would have greater information to share with the developers which would make the communication between the developer and the tester better. As of now, there is not much of information that is provided by Microsoft about the future product Visual Studio 2010, but this feature alone is sufficient for most of the developers and testers in order for the product to be a success.