Color- changing Speedometer from Honda

3 12 2008

When we take up the newspaper in the morning we come across number of accidents that take place in every city. The accidents take place due to rash driving mostly committed by two-wheelers and it also make other people’s life into risk. So the popular two-wheeler manufacturing company has come out with the new color- changing speedometer, the main functioning of the speedometer is the color indication. The indicator tends to make color changes based on the driving speed, and if the driving speed is normal the equipment glows with green color as a positive indication. The equipment color changes to light blue shade while the driving speed is beyond the normal level and the final stage is the full blue color and alert with voice indication with the help of inbuilt sound mechanism.  The equipment from Honda Company will be very useful to the two-wheeler users and the product is made available in the market in the year of 2009 as soon as possible.