Performance Testing

15 08 2008

Hmm… you ever been into performance testing wherein, the application (you are testing) is dreadfully slow, padded with heavy processes and complex scenarios that cannot be efficiently automated? Well..i ve been and there is this one nice way of making it interesting.
Get your app loaded on the screen and along by, load the ever famous Helicopter (flash) game in a conveniently sized window. Now all you need to do is to fill up whatever test data that needs to be filled and get your app going. As you wait for the next screen to load, switch on to the other window and get the helicopter flying till the screen’s done loading in the background. Assuming the skill of flying the helicopter without crashing it till the next page loads to be congenital for a software engineer (in case not, guess it’s never too late to rear it, is it?), one can arrive at how slow the application has been based on how far the helicopter traveled.

Me’s sure that there are other ways too. Do share. 😉


Ten deadly sins of web design

14 07 2008
This article was published in Swedish design magazine CAP&Design.

Ten deadly sins of web design are:
1. Not following basic typographic rules
2. Being too creative with navigation
3. Creating a cluttered navigation system
4. Making sure the site requires certain technology to work
5. Thinking that accessibility is only about blind people
6. Ignoring web standards
7. Not keeping search engines in mind from the start
8. Basing the site structure on your organisation structure
9. Using grey text on grey background
10.Skipping the feasibility study