Best diet pill so far.

4 10 2008

We all know that once your BMI increases above the normal it becomes really difficult to decrease even a single pound. This was proved wrong by the evolving technology, by which researchers came up with magical pills; but this came with its own side effects. After constant improvement, physicians came up with Phentermine, a one stop diet pill that is very effective. Phentermine was approved by FDA of USA in 1959.  This pill has been used as a suppressant drug since then, by obese people to reduce weight by suppressing hunger. This drug works on your brain neurons especially the catecholamines to suppress the hunger that is generated in your body. There might be some side-effects due to the use of this pill, thus I would recommend kids below the age of 18 and pregnant woman to refrain using this weight loss pill. Phentermine is also not good for people with high blood pressure.

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