Xbox Arcade now £129.99

15 09 2008

Microsoft dropped the price of the Xbox 360 in United States of America last week and they have cascaded the effect of Xbox 360 price to UK, Europe and then planned in to Asia.

The new price tag at the retails for the basic entry level, Xbox 360 Arcade has come down from £159.99 to £129.99. The next level up is the all new Xbox 360 Premium is retailed for £169.99 which was previously for £199.99. This particular model comes which a hard disk capacity of 60 Gigs.

Finally for the Pros, the Xbox 360 Elite has now been reduced to retail for £229.99 which was previously for £259.99. The prices are assumed to come into effect from this weekend.

Microsoft has big time plans to cash in on the Christmas market with the dropped prices. Now that the Xbox 360 is cheaper than Nintendo Wii, this would make it an absolute Christmas present.